Have a rich look with Gold Jewellery

Deep breaths, self-talk, quiet time alone with the door shut, Sandhya did almost everything possible to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Nothing seemed to work. So, finally, she had to accept the fact that she was nervous, so be it. On the bed in front of her lay the red lehenga adorned with delicate works in gold. Next to that lay an assortment of gold jewellery: bangles, bracelets, jhumkas. anklets, a head chain, a large round nose ring and a waist chain.


Thanks to online shopping, she didn’t have to be dragged to gold jewellery stores like a scapegoat. All she had to do was sit next to her mother, sisters and aunts and nod her head while they shopped for gold jewellery online. She picked the pair of gold jewellery and held it against her ear, looking at herself in the mirror. Though heavy, she had to admit that they looked good.

And of course, they had to be, as they were selected by her mom and her sisters with their experience in shopping for gold jewellery online. She, on the other hand, was the kind who slipped out of the house in jeans and a sweatshirt. Then why did she have to go through all this? ‘It is just for a day,’ she consoled herself as she slipped into the skirt of her red lehenga. Before she knew it, all the drama would be over, and she would be back into comfortable clothes again. Thank goodness Sid was not the traditional kind who expected his woman to be draped in a saree or all covered in a salwar kameez all day,’ she thought to herself as she absent-mindedly began fastening hooks of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other gold jewellery. It was not going to be long before she was going to hear voices calling from downstairs, screaming for her to hurry up. ‘It was always better to keep the drama to a minimum,’ she thought as she finally faced the mirror for her hair and makeup, and was startled by what she saw.

Sandhya almost couldn’t recognize the face before her in the mirror. She saw an elegant, graceful young girl who was so different from the tomboy that she usually saw in jeans, caps and sweatshirts. She was also surprised when she suddenly realized that she wasn’t even nervous anymore. Her transformation had given her a surge of new found confidence and she was ready and waiting to meet all the guests below. Yes, it felt good.

The commotion and laughter that was so common on Indian weddings gradually came to a hush as the bride appeared on the stage, draped in a traditional lehenga and gold jewellery. Everyone smiled as they admired how beautiful she looked. Looking up at her daughter, all grown up and dressed for her wedding in gold jewellery, Mrs Sonia, had to blink back the tears. She couldn’t believe that it was a long time back that she had been changing her onesies and diapers.


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