Lakme Nail Polish Shades For Work

What makes shopping for nail polishes so much fun is the range of attractive colors that you are going to come across. You may be a lover of red. Then too, the different shades of red are going to leave you comparing a number of attractive shades. Browsing through Lakme nail polish shades is a nice way to kill time on a Sunday afternoon. And you can easily order the Lakme nail polish shade you like and find it at your doorstep in a few days.

lakme nailpolish

Lakme Gel Nail Polishes

How do you feel about painting your nails with the same Lakme nail polish shade that you wear to office or on other casual outings for a wedding too? How would you see someone who wears a boring light shade of nail polish that you normally wear to office with her expensive silk saree? Ensure that you do justice to your grand saree or formal dress by painting your nails with a more fashionable and attractive nail polish that matches the color of your outfit and other accessories. Lakme gel nail polishes have a range of colors and give your nails a glossy finish, making them look very attractive in the bright lights of a wedding hall. The best and easiest way of applying this nail polish without having to struggle with smudges is by applying a drop at the bottom of your nail and then gently spreading them to your entire nail with the help of a nail brush. And don’t forget to apply a base coat before you begin. This will make the entire process smoother and simpler.

Lakme gel nail polishes have a range of colors that you can choose from. Some of them that you may want to have a look at are the Lakme Coral Rush, Lakme Electric Orange, Lakme Pink Champagne, Lakme Caramel Melt and Lakme Peach Schnapps. There are light shades, there are dark shades and there are bright shades that you can have fun browsing through before you find the color that suits you in the best way.

Lakme Nail Polish Shades For Work

While glossy bright nails can enhance your style at a wedding or any other grand occasion, you can imagine how you are going to feel seeing those on someone’s nails in office. It is not just the attire, accessories and shoes that matter when you are dressing up for work but little things too, like your nails. This is why you have a range of Lakme nail polish shades in the 9 to 5 series that you can browse through before you choose the right shade for you, something that makes you look professional while you are typing on a keyboard or making  a presentation in office. Some Lakme nail polish shades here that you are going to love include Coffee Break, Beige Suit, Pink Profit, Peach Ploy and Coral Glow.

Browsing Through Lakme Nail Polish Shades Online

You can have a look at the range of Lakme nail polish shades online from different collections like Color Crush, Fast And Fabulous, True Wear and various others. Have fun browsing through the range of Lakme nail polish shades online and choose the ones that you like best.



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