Highlight your pretty peepers, with dramatic Lakme eye liners

A woman can try and hide the multitude of thoughts and emotions running through her mind, but if you care to observe closely enough, you’ll realise that her eyes are dead giveaways to certain truths. The eyes really do speak volumes. Plus, making and maintaining eye contact is one sure way to let people know that you’re interested in building some sort of connection with them. For this though, you need to be confident. And there are bound to be days when you feel under the weather. Regardless of what each day brings forth, there’s a trick to cheating your way to feeling like a million bucks, and that trick is something as simple as highlighting your eyes with Lakme eye liners. Explore your options, and trust us, you’re going to love the many ways with which you can play around with these eye makeup.

lakme eyeliner

A precise line of winged cat-eyes, a dramatic dash of black on your eyelids, a smidgen of color on your eyes’ lower lids, or a seductive blend of eyeliner that gives your eyes the perfect smokey effect; there are more ways than one to have fun with Lakme eye liners. The brand has different collections/types of eyeliners under its belt, each designed to give your eyes a different kind of definition. Let’s take a look at some of them:


  • Lakme 9 to 5 Black Impact eye liner – If black-rimmed eyes are your signature look, you’ll love this Lakme liquid eyeliner. It is an intense shade of black, and has a silky texture that glides on your eyelids. It’s formulated to dry fast and water-resistant. The tube’s long handle allows you a good hold of it so you can create the perfect dramatic eyes.


  • Lakme Absolute Gel Addict – This range of Lakme eyeliners is gel-based and has a silky, soft texture. The small brush attached to the cap lets you perfect a professional finish. You can keep it simple or go intense by coloring your eyes with multiple coats of the eyeliner.


  • Lakme Eyeconic – If you’re in a hurry and want a quick and simple way to draw attention to your eyes, Lakme’s range of Eyeconic eyeliners is perfect for the job. These pencil eyeliners are available in different shades – from classic black, brown, and white, to vibrant green and blue. The pencils’ easy-to-use twist-up format saves you the trouble of having to sharpen them, while their smudge-proof, water-proof, and long-lasting properties give your eyes the kind of definition you want.


  • Lakme Absolute Precision Liner – Available in a pen-format, this Lakme eyeliner is the magic wand that your eyes need.


  • Lakme Absolute Shine Line – This range of Lakme liquid eyeliners is lustrous and super easy to apply. A couple of strokes of these eyeliners and you’re all set for a glamorous night out.


If you want to check out beauty products, compare Lakme eyeliner prices, and find out what ingredients each product comes with and tips on how to use them, buy Lakme eyeliners online.


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