Line your Eyes with Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Who doesn’t love beautiful and expressive eyes? Especially those kohl-lined eyes. Get Lakme’s eyeconic kajal and line those sparkling eyes for that subtle sexy look. Applying kajal has always required a certain amount of skill and focus, and the right kajal will only make things easy for you. The trick to keeping eye makeup in place depends on your kajal, that’s why we recommend Lakme eyeconic kajal. This kajal comes in a twist-up and glides effortlessly on your eyelids making it perfect for both, everyday use and special occasions.

lakme kajal

Basic Eyes with Bolt of Blue

The blue sea, the vast sky, your pretty beach dress, minimal makeup, and neatly lined eyes are all you need to look like a diva for that beach party. With Lakme’s eyeconic blue kajal you can look stunningly attractive. Simply line your upper lash line and lower lash line with this retractable kajal, and you are set to go.


Smokey Eyes with Turquoise Shade

You’ve flaunted tried smoky eyes a number of times, but we’re sure you have not tried it in this beautiful turquoise shade. Apply this turquoise eyeconic kajal from Lakme on your upper lash line and then rub your eyes with some petroleum jelly for that gorgeous smokey effect.

Stark Eyes with Grey

No matter what color your eyes are, you can never go wrong with a grey kajal. Get Lakme’s eyeconic grey kajal, and highlight your sparkling eyes. For this style, you need a whitish eyeshadow to lighten your eyelids. Once that’s done, you need to draw thick and angular lines on both, your upper and lower lash lines with the eyeconic kajal. With Lakme kajal, you can draw lines in any thickness of your choice.


Gothic Makeup with Black

For that sexy gothic look, you need a black kajal, and what’s better than Lakme eyeconic black kajal. You need to draw thick lines on your upper lash lines and use dark colored Lakme eye shadow for that unique gothic look.


Doe Eyes

You can use Lakme’s eyeconic kajal in a variety of colors to achieve that gorgeous 60s and 70s inspired look. You need to apply thick lines on both, upper and lower lash lines and make a slight ‘U’ at the corner, and you are set to go. This eye makeup gives you a delicate yet stunning look.


Unique and Attractive

Use the Lakme white eyeconic kajal to experiment with new interesting and beautiful styles.. Line your lower lash line with a white kajal, and color your lips red with Lakme Absolute lipstick and look stunningly attractive.


Buy Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Online

Now that you know the different shades and different makeup styles you can flaunt with Lakme kajal, go ahead and buy the Lakme eyeconic kajal online. Shopping for beauty products online is easy, safe and convenient as you can sit in the comfort of your house, browse through the different products, pick the best ones and get them delivered directly to your doorstep.



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