Liberty Shoes – Comfortable and Fashionable Footwear

Everyone is attracted towards the sleek and sexy footwear introduced to the market by top International brands. But how many of us can actually afford buying more than one pair? Usually, one individual would need a minimum of 2-3 pair of shoes to meet their regular needs. And the approach many people follow is having one pair of International brand and the other ones from a local trademark. Regardless of what people say or believe, there’s nothing to be ashamed of wearing footwear from local brands. In fact footwear like Liberty shoes are the go-to pairs that most teens and adults prefer having in their closet. Just think about it. You are fond of wearing shoes and yet the weather outside is cloudy. Would you like to take out those expensive pairs or select the one that actually provides you comfort and a peace of mind. Me and my friends have more than one pair of Liberty shoes as we find them more convenient to use over the footwear from the International brands.


About Liberty


The brand started its journey by making four pairs of shoes a day in a small shop in 1954. But today it makes more than 50, 000 pairs a day and has sixty years of experience in making as well as selling shoes. With six manufacturing units, this Indian company has ventured to top fashion destinations across like world like France, Germany and Italy. It also has various innovative technology under its belt such as Fortune healer, tiptopp healer and Zeppelin Force 10 that adds comfort to the Liberty shoes and other types of footwear.


Types of Liberty Shoes


There are various types of Liberty Shoes available in a wide range for men, women and kids as well.


Running Shoes – Mesh uppers, cushioned footbed, padded tongue and fashionable designs are some of the common features most Liberty running shoes have. They are available in different attractive colours.


Sandals – You can view many sandal designs for both kids and adults in funky colour combinations that complement your cool personality. There are simple synthetic ones for casual wear and leather-made sandals for formal occasions.


Flats – Liberty flat footwear are the most comfortable shoes for any season. They are highly cushioned and go well with jeans as well as salwars.


Bellies – Liberty bellies are the comfortable slip-ons for formal occasions. But you can wear them with trousers, skirts, jeans and shorts too.


Flip Flops – Liberty flip flops are the classy slippers that come with slip-resistant P.U sole and in attractive colours. They are comfortable yet fashionable so take your steps in style.


School Shoes – The brand also brings you kid’s school shoes in both lace-up and monk strap designs.


Kids Casual – They also offer casual shoes for kids in stylish pattern and colours, without compromising on comfort.


Where to Buy?


Buy your choicest Liberty shoes online as you get a lot of options to choose from here than in any local stores. You can use multiple filters like price, size, type and colours to narrow down your selections and compare various until you find the one you like. So order your Liberty shoes today and walk ahead of your friends at all times.


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