Sunglass Suggestions for Different Face Shapes

As a young, school-going girl, I had the privilege of going for a holiday to one very exotic place with my parents and the families of their close friends. While friends and family definitely made that trip fun and memorable, there were some other people who managed to leave a lasting impression. I am talking about the college-going crowd who were staying in the same resort as ours. They were dressed so fashionably and have, in some way or the other, impacted the way I dress up now.


I am not saying that all of them had a toned body, but I loved the way they pulled off what they wore, the way they tied their hair, their junk jewellery, their bags, their shoes, their accessories, and most importantly, their sunglasses. Not one of them walked out in the sun without wearing a pair of sunglasses.

So, I decided that before leaving for the next trip, I will take my mother to a sunglass store, and buy a pair of sunglasses that resemble what one of those girls wore, and I did.


It was years later that I read about one prerequisite for buying a pair of sunglasses, and that is the analysis of your face shape. While most of the sunglasses in the market will shield your eyes from the sun, only a handful will compliment your face shape, and make you look your stylish best. This rule is applicable for both men and women. Since then, and so far, this rule has helped me and my friends buy better-fitted, and best-suited sunglasses for ourselves.

Mentioned below are the sunglasses suggestions for different face shapes –

  1. If you are a woman with a heart-shaped face – wide forehead, high cheekbones, and narrow chin – then buy cat-shaped or butterfly sunglasses. If you are a man with this face shape, then you must look for rimless or aviator style of glasses that give your face a balanced look.
  2. Both men and women with diamond face shapes – wide cheekbones, and narrow forehead and narrow jawlines – must look for slightly rounded frames – preferably oval, retro, and rectangular styles.
  3. If you are a woman with an oblong face – the one that is long and narrow – then you can safely opt for oversized sunglasses with sharp edges. Men with these face type should also avoid small-sized frames, and pick anything from styles such as square or rectangular frames and wayfarers.
  4. People with oval face shapes have the least concerns of all. Their gently rounded faces and even features are best complemented by any pair of shades, irrespective of the shapes of their frames. All they need to check while trying on any pair of sunglasses is whether or not it covers the area from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.
  5. Square-shaped faces with equal length and width can be balanced by wearing sunglasses with rounded frames. Men can go for aviators, while women can pick butterflies.
  6. Lastly, round face shapes are best complemented by frame shapes that are less rounded – something that will add angles to the face, and make it look elongated, thinner, and more defined. People with such face shapes must try square, rectangular, or wrap style of sunglasses.

With these short-and-sweet go-to guide, I don’t have any problems while sunglasses online shopping for a pair of sunglasses even on an online portal. All I need to do is filter my search based on the shapes of the frames, and pick the one that appeals to me the most. Besides, I can always get it exchanged without any hassles.


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