Walk a mile extra with a pair of good walking shoes

Are you an old-school fitness freak who relies on the age old practice of walking to keep your body fit? If walking is your daily exercise, then you must be aware about the need of comfortable footwear. For the same reason, you must be using sandals and floaters while you go for a walk in the park or around the colony. But, it is better you think again about this practice as it might be doing more harm than benefits. Even though a slipper or sandal is comfortable to walk around with, it might not necessarily provide protection to your feet. As walking for exercise is entirely different from casual stroll, it will do good if your choose custom footwear for it. Walking shoes are specially designed keeping in mind the stress on your feet and the stride of walking. So, it is always best to invest in a pair of good walking shoes. Read through the following buying guide which will give you an overview about walking shoes and will help you select a pair ideal for your use.

walking shoes

Why walking shoes?

It is a common misconception that running shoes can also be used as walking shoes. In reality, by wearing running shoes for walking, you are doing injustice to both the footwear and your feet. As a walker’s foot strike is different from a runner, running shoes will not be able to provide the comfort you expect while walking and as a result your feet will be strained. When walking, the heel of your foot hits the ground first and gradually rolls from the heel to the toe. To compensate this, you will need a flexible sole that is more flexible than in running shoes.

walking shoes


Walking shoes feature low-profile heel along with a slight slant on the outside to stabilize the ankle and the foot while walking. Walking shoes require less cushioning as it is garners only lower impact when compared to running. Also, the heel of these shoes should support the natural roll-through motion produced while walking.


Walking shoes should have flex grooves on the outer sole or the sole materials should be flexible. This is to support the foot flexes during walking. A flexible sole will allow the foot to move naturally without restricting its movement. If your foot is constricted, it can lead to pain in your foot and shin.


Lightweight and breathable materials are mostly considered for making walking shoes, as these ensure the comfort of your feet. The material should also be sturdy enough to provide adequate support. A combination of leather and synthetic mesh is preferable as it offers both durability and breathability.

After reading the above points, you decided to get a pair of walking shoes. To do that, you do not have to walk around the city in search of a footwear store. Just log onto shopping websites and buy walking shoes online. You can select a good pair from a wide range of collection while sitting at your home and can get it delivered to your doorstep with ease.


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