The Must Have Ladies Jeans In Every Women’s Wardrobe

You must have heard about the bizarre comments made by some politicians, how women in jeans provoke vulgar thoughts in guys. Now imagine jeans being banned for ladies by our government. What would your reaction be? Shock, revolt, anger and ten other types of feelings that I don’t want to write here. But, that’s the point. We can handle losing a top but jeans, not a chance. We literally live in them. They have seen how crazy we could be on the dance floor or while rolling on the grass fighting over boys. They are the best friends you rely on while travelling, pubbing, shopping and bowling even long after the college days. Ladies jeans have changed the life of girls. If anything, this comfortable piece of clothing has brought more functionality into our lives. So if you think you have enough pairs then think again. Ladies jeans are available in many varieties and colour. But there are few staple that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Let’s discuss the types below.

ladies jeans

Types of Ladies Jeans

Boot Cut Jeans – This type of jeans allows you slip into your boots even while not wearing dresses. They are narrower towards the thighs and go wide below the knees. It complements all body types and can be paired with t-shirts or tank tops.

Skinny Jeans – You can thank Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones to make skinny jeans popular. They look best on women who have a slender body frame. They are made of stretchable fabrics like lycra which stretches according to your figure and brings out the curve of your body.

Straight Leg Jeans – This type of jeans as the name suggests has a straight design throughout the entire leg. You can find both high and low waist straight leg jeans which can be worn with tennis shoes.

Others – There are other types of jeans too like slim fit which give a similar look as skinny jeans and loose fit which are more like straight jeans but with a little bit of flare in the bottom.

What are the Trending Jeans Styles?

Apart from the fit, you also need to consider the popular styles before purchasing a pair. So whoever said there are limited options to don on a funky and stylish look with jeans, needs to visit various online websites and check the trending ladies jeans available. There are different designs like torned pairs, washed-up styles, coloured jeans, denim shorts and other classic style jeans. You can shop for them online by selecting the filters like size, fit, colour, rise and price to narrow down your choices. The several ladies jeans brands offering you trendy designs are Lee, Levis, Jealous 21, Vero Moda, Wrangler, Lee Cooper, Allen Solly and more. So order the pair of jeans you love online and flaunt your curves, every time you step out in it.


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