How to Choose the Right Pair of Basketball Shoes?

According to statistics in the year 2011, around 250,000 basketball-related injuries were reported in the United States. And only American football tops the list of maximum injuries. That being said, basketball is a game that involves quick movements such as running, jumping and quick change of directions. And since the game is usually played on hard courts, the need for a good pair of basketball shoes is important. Choosing the right pair of basketball shoes can do you good on the court and reduce the risk of foot and ankle injury. Here are few tips that will help you pick the right pair.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pair of Basketball Shoes

The first thing that you need to do is have your feet mebasketball shoesasured. This is because the shape and size of your feet changes over the years. So if you were to know the exact length and width, then getting a pair of shoes that fit comfortably is as easy as dribbling a basketball.  

Moving on, basketball shoes come in three standard styles – high-tops, mid-tops and low-tops. What style fits you the best will depend on your playing style and personal preference.

  • High-tops – These shoes offer the maximum ankle support and stability, but they’re also the heaviest of the three.
  • Mid-tops – These shoes are shorter than a high-top but longer than a low top. They stop at the ankle level and allow more movement while still giving enough ankle support.
  • Low-tops- They are the lightest of the three and in terms of ankle support, it’s minimal. The design allows fast players to be quicker on their feet without the weight slowing them down.

Talking about the cushioning, support and flexibility factors, all these depend on the pair of shoes that you select while factoring in your playing style. So here’s the three popular playing styles and shoes that fit them are:

  • Power player – This style of playing involves a lot of jumping and physical contact, because of which you need shoes that have maximum stability and cushioning. High-tops and mid-tops are usually suitable.
  • Speedster – For fast players who rely on quick  reflexes, low-tops offer minimum weight and offer decent amount of support and cushioning.
  • All round player – From running to defending, since you’ll be doing a lot the choice of shoes should be mid-tops as they offer a fine balance, a good amount of support, cushioning and stability.

Lastly, it is important that you look for quality products. Make sure that the sewing is done neatly and evenly with no loose threads. Also, ensure that the glued parts are firm and will not come off easily. And if you were to find one or more pairs of basketball shoes, do a comparison and select the one that best fits your checklist.

Buy Basketball Shoes Online

Buying a pair of basketball shoes for men online is easy and hassle-free. You’ve a wide range to choose from, pay using safe and secure payment transactions and enjoy having the product delivered right to your doorstep.


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