Sneakers – The ‘IT’ shoes of the season

How do you decide on which footwear to buy? Do you have a checklist that you tick off before finalising on a purchase? For me, there are two things that I rely on when it comes to shopping for footwear. The first and foremost is versatility. Even if I find the most attractive pair of shoes, I ain’t gonna spend my money on it unless I am sure that I can wear it with at least a couple of my clothes. What’s the point in buying something when you can’t experiment, right? My thoughts exactly. The second factor that determines whether or not I like a pair of shoes enough to buy them is the price. As much as I like to go all out crazy every now and then, to avoid being a broke loser, I’ve got to keep my accounts in check. Seeing as these are my two conditions, I find the most solace is sneaker shoes. Why? The reasons are simple.


To begin with, sneakers are probably one of the most comfortable footwear that I’ve worn. Brands like Puma and Vans even go that extra mile and throw in a bit of extra foot cushioning so I don’t feel a pinch even when I spend several hours of the day on my feet. As someone who likes her style to be comfortable and casual, my choice of sneakers as my go-to shoes may come as no surprise, but hey! there’s more.

Whenever I rack my brain over what shoes to wear on days when I am in a hurry, my mind automatically goes to my sneakers neatly lined up by the door. It’s unbelievable how many ways you can style these shoes. You could wear them with a basic jeans and tee outfit, with shorts, and even with dresses and skirts, sneakers have a way of blending in with the outfit while still being able to hold on to its sporty, street-cool vibe. Men who are willing to try something different can also try wearing sneakers with their workwear. As odd as it may seem, sneakers lend structured trousers and crisp formal shirts a playful look which is never a bad thing.

There are many ways to go about updating your footwear collection, but what I rely on is online shopping. Buy sneakers shoes online and you get to pamper yourself with enticing discount deals even during off seasons. To get the most out of it, you can also download the mobile app of these shopping sites. From brands like Fila, Adidas, Woodland, and United Colors of Benetton, to Red Chief, Bacca Bucci, and Clarks, online shopping is the smart way to stock up on the season’s latest trends.


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