Sari For Mum

I generally take a narrow, busy road from office back home. Today was a tiring day and I was taking my usual route. There were heavy rains the previous day and all the street lights in my route were out. Most of the shops on either side of the road were closed. As I was walking, I noticed a beautiful sari in a shop on the way. I hadn’t noticed this shop before, I mused. What caught my attention was a gorgeous, sea green-blue colour cotton-silk sari with gold embroidery. It had dark blue peacocks and elephants on it. It was a traditional sari with a contemporary edge. I immediately pictured my mum in it, smiling. Green suited her the best and cotton silk sarees are something she always bought. I thought it would be perfect for her.


But I was apprehensive about walking into the store; the place looked posh and I was pretty sure the sari I liked would be expensive. I wanted to buy it for my mum as I hadn’t got her anything in a long time. I walked into the boutique anyway. As I suspected, it was too expensive. The girls at the store were curt and snobbish. I left the store with a heavy heart. I walked to my room disappointed wondering why I hadn’t saved up enough cash. Then it dawned on me that I could buy a sari online for a better deal.

I immediately logged on to an e-commerce site and went through different designer saris available. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the same sari I saw at the boutique online for a reasonable price. I was overjoyed. I selected that sari and clicked on the Buy Now button. There were many payment options online. I could pay by debit or credit card or via net banking. My debit card had expired and I hadn’t got a new one. So I chose the cash on delivery option. The sari got delivered in two days and gave it to my mum. She was happy too and wanted to buy one for me as well as there were very good deals online. We browsed for quite sometime and found brocade saris and cotton silk saris with zari embroidery for reasonable prices online, which otherwise would have costed a lot.


There was this sari that Vidya Balan wore for an award function. It was a beautiful Bollywood designer saree with zari embroidery. Orange throughout with black and white border, it looked amazing. I had wanted to buy it long back but chose not to because I didn’t think I should spend so much on a sari. I found something like that online and asked my mum to get that for me. We bought it and the sari reached us promptly as always. It was perfect. Unlike our usual shopping days, this wasn’t tiring at all. The best part about designer sarees online shopping is that you can shop within the comforts of your home and get good deals as well.  


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