Shout Out your Femininity with Skirts

Wish to revisit your free-spirited girly self? It’s simple. Flatter yourself with a pretty skirt, high heels, subtle makeup and a matching bag – this is definitely going to do the trick. Skirts are one of the most feminine types of clothing your wardrobe can boast of. Whether it is a casual dinner with your girls or a party with your friends, skirts can add the charm and elegance needed for you to stand out from the crowd. Today, women have moved past the insecurities they once faced, and they have started to love their bodies. If you love skirts, they are bound to love you back. Accentuating your curves in the right places, and helping you have your own style, skirts have a unique way to bond with you. The tryst with skirts started as early as 3900 BC in Armenia, trailing into the experimental years of the 19th and 20th century, and revealing its true charm in the 21st century. Today, if you want to fit the bill of a fashionista, include a skirt in your daily wardrobe to steal the show.

long skirts

Types of skirts

Clothes define your personality, so do long skirts. Choosing a skirt that complements your personality is extremely important to bring out your best features and hide the flaws that hold you back. Here are different designs skirts come in:


Wish to dress up sexy for a midnight party? Slip on a tight-fitting or a flared mini skirt, and you can be the life of the party. If you are petite, then this is a great option for you. It will not only make you look like a leggy lass, but subtly hide your short frame as well.


A versatile piece for various occasions, and an instant makeover from casual to dressy, an A-line long skirt is great choice for pear-shaped bodies. Narrow at the waist and widening out from there, this skirt is going to draw the attention from your hips to your lean waist. Its simple and unfussy shape can make it casual and fancy.


With a snug fit, a pencil skirt is perfect for corporate wear. Hugging your body tightly, it can give you a confident stance and a smart look. It usually has a slit that enhances the mobility, adding a stylish look to it.

long skirts


If you have a girls day out and wish to look a little girly, naughty and flirty, a flared skirt is what you need. Adding curves to your frame, it is a great summer dress as well. If you are going to the beach, grab one of these and complement it with matching wedges and shades.


Wrapping you in extreme comfort, a wrap-around skirt can be your daily wear companion. Its breezy design and beautiful cut can give you a vivacious and bubbly look.


An alternative for a gown, a maxi skirt reaches either your ankle or the floor, giving you a flowy look. Best for parties and semi-formal events, these can make you stand out from the regular crowd.

Online Shopping

With so many varieties of skirts out there, you might be in a dilemma as to which one to go for. Shopping portals help you cut short the chase and help you buy long skirts online with the help of various filters like fabric, pattern, colour and length assisting you in making a wise decision.


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