Shopping For Skinny Fit Jeans

One day, while I was talking to my cousin, he asked me what I love the most about being a woman. I pondered for a little while. There are so many things I love about being a woman. In fact, I can’t thank god enough for making me a woman. I thought some more and finally told him that the best part for me is being able to look like a different person every day. One day I can get all dolled up in a pretty pink dress and matching accessories. The next day I can wear a simple embroidered salwar kameez and look like the typical Indian girl. The day after that I can wear a skinny fit jeans with an off-shoulder tunic and look like a style diva. “Guys don’t have so many options when it comes to clothes and accessories”, I told him. He was a little disappointed but he did look fascinated with my answer.

skinny fit jeans

While we were on the subject, he told me how much his girlfriend loved my dress sense when she saw my pictures on Facebook. Apparently, she wanted me to be her style guru. I admit I was very flattered. He asked me if I could give her a few style tips and I agreed. I was thrilled. Someone looks up to me and wants to dress like me; the thought itself filled me with limitless happiness.

I met my cousin’s girlfriend the next day. The moment I saw her,  I categorized her as someone who is afraid to experiment with outfits and accessories out of her comfort zone. She had worn a printed baby pink tee with an ordinary pair of jeans. She had accessorized this ensemble with a classic white wristwatch having a thin strap and a modest dial. She had also worn a pair of studs. After carefully assessing her definition of style, I decided that the first thing I would do is help her break out of her shell. And the best way to do this would be to help her choose her first pair of skinny fit jeans. I told her this and she seemed pretty excited.

I took her to a lifestyle store. I told her that along with the fit, the material of the skinny-fit jeans should be one of the first things that she should look into. After all, style is not the only thing that matters, comfort is important too. I showed her a skinny fit jeans which had a blend of denim and spandex. Spandex, being a stretchable material, would ensure that she is comfortable all day long. She seemed to like it. Among the spandex-denim ones, I asked her to pick a colour based on where she wanted to wear the jeans to. She picked a black one since it had that classic, sophisticated look. Once she was done, I asked her to try it on and see if she can walk and sit comfortably in them. She wanted to buy it then and there but I advised her to look at the price of the same pair online.

Luckily, she found the same pair of the same brand jeans for men online and at a lesser price. She choose the product and added it to her cart and bought the skinny fit jeans online.


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