Up in the Air? Buy Aviator Sunglasses Online!

You love the stories of dogfights, you want to be up in the skies, like the World War One pilots you call your role models. You dream of the blue skies, of the white clouds courting your plane’s tail as you swerve past eddy currents. You’re an aviator, through and through. But it’s not like you can get yourself a bi-plane and jettison out of here. You’re going to need to settle for something a little more… grounded. So buy yourself a pair of Aviator Sunglasses and look up to the skies.
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The Aviator Story

Aviator Sunglasses were born out of necessity. True to their name, they were designed by Bausch & Lomb for pilots. These glasses were designed to protect the pilots’ eyes while flying. Popularized by General Douglas MacArthur in World War II, these glasses have become the centre of many a childhood dream. Kids who grew up watching old war movies would demand a pair of aviator sunglasses from their parents. These kids may have grown up, but their dreams of taking to the skies have not faded away.

Aviator sunglasses for men feature a dark and often reflective lenses which cover an area at least twice or thrice that of the eye. The lenses are held in place by a thin metal frame with a double bridge. The gap between the bridge is known as a bullet-hole. The bayonet earpiece design seals the aviators’ origins in the military, and they are sometimes replaced by flexible cable temples that affix themselves behind the ear. The lenses used are slightly convex, and they are meant to cover most of the human eye and protect it, allowing as little as 15% light to get through.

Aviator Sunglasses Brands

If you’re a true-blue aviator oval sunglasses for men at heart, you know that the only pair of aviator sunglasses to get are the Ray-Ban Aviators. Ray-Ban’s design is rooted in Bausch & Lomb’s original design for the aviators. However, several other brands manufacture aviator sunglasses today, so if you want a different approach to the sky-high problem, then you’ve got plenty of choice. There’s an aviator for everyone out there, so go find yours. Some of the other brands manufacturing Aviator Sunglasses are:

Joe Black
Floyd Classic
Yak International
Danny Daze

Buy Aviator Sunglasses Online

Aviators go well with most looks. They are work by men and women, giving both sexes a debonair look. If you’re planning on buying a pair of aviators, just head online for the best deals and variety. You can pay using one of many payment options, and you can also get the oval sunglasses delivered to your home or office address.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to fly sky-high and set new records, then you’re going to want to up your flair by getting a pair of aviators oval sunglasses today. So head online, log onto your favourite shopping apps and buy aviator sunglasses for men online shopping now. Remember, it’s easy to spot an aviator. All you need to do is to look up in the sky.


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