Edgify your Casual Look, Get Wayfarer Sunglasses Online

While keeping ourselves updated with the innovative fashion trends, we all have become used to the coming and going of many timely designs and style. Be it clothing or accessories like belts and sunglasses, there’re always some designs that make it to the timeless list and some see the light just for few years before fading away. By timeless list, we mean the designs that have no intention of staying in the history and have time and again found their way back to the current fashion trends. The best example is wayfarer sunglasses. It was immortalised by the popular actors like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Tom Cruise and has been in the fashion industry since the 1950’s. You will still find it selling widely across the world, if you look for wayfarer sunglasses online. Its various colourful models have not only become the classic fashionable accessory, but also a favourite among the young fashionistas.
wayfarer sunglasses
Wayfarer Look and Design

Wayfarer style is all about attitude. You don’t have to over-dress yourself or pick your outfit with care. A simple denim jeans paired with a white shirt and wayfarer sunglasses is enough to make you look stylish. This is one of the reasons why the young mass prefer wayfarer sunglasses anyday over other designs. Wayfarers, unlike the over-sized or square sunglasses, stand out from the bunch with its trapezoidal frame. They are quite different from the endless round or oval-shaped frames. It has an edgy design that is sturdy and has a long brow frame that adds a confident look to your personality.

Types of Wayfarer Frames

Seeing the popularity of wayfarer sunglasses online, these eyeglasses have gone through a lot of redesigns. As a result, we have various types of frames in multiple shapes and shades that goes well with different types of faces. The various frames are:

Square: The Wayfarers with a square frame has a slightly curved design.
Round: This one comes with an accentuated top brow rim with wide sports sunglasses to make your cheekbones look slimmer and face, a bit longer.
Triangular: These type of frames only have a top brow rim, that keeps the focus away from your jawline.
Oval: Frames with oval lenses can go with most styles on multiple occasions. Just make sure to pick one with a right scale, i.e in accordance with your face.
Diamond: This type holds on to the classic wayfarer design, but has curved frames that look almost like a cat-eye frame.

Wayfarer Sunglasses According to the Face Type
Wayfarers are known to look best on faces that either have a wide jawline or a bottom-heavy structure, such as round, square and triangular faces. Each frame complements a particular facial structure and accentuates your look. Although, if you are lucky enough to have an oval face, then you can carry-off most frames in style. The rounded frames go well with square and oblong faces, whereas the angular and square ones look best on a round face.

Where to Buy Wayfarer Sunglasses?

You will come across the best designs and shades by searching buy wayfarer sunglasses online. The e-commerce websites provide a wide variety of these sports sunglasses for both men and women from several brands. You can compare the models, its prices and colour, till you find the perfect pair that suits your face and goes well with your style.


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