When in doubt, you always have Ray Ban Sunglasses

Come summer or winter, rain or shine, having a trendy pair of sunglasses neatly stashed away in our bag is always a good idea. Though these accessories were mainly designed to offer the wearer’s eyes complete protection against harsh UV rays and irritants like dust and sand, today, many people use them to their advantage and sport a pair of sunglasses mostly for their style quotient. These accessories are classic and are likely to never go out of style. If you are looking forward to creating a wardrobe that boasts of an enviable collection of clothes and classic jewellery pieces, you might want to include sunglasses to your list. Ray Ban sunglasses for men & women are stellar examples of eyewear that are trendy yet timeless.
ray ban sunglasses

Bestselling Ray Ban sunglasses for men and women

Aviators – Many fashion houses credit Ray Ban for popularising aviator sunglasses. And what’s not to love? Aviator style Ray Ban sunglasses are effortlessly cool and the best part is that they complement almost every face shape and outfit. Team your aviator Ray Ban sunglasses with a pretty summer dress or wear them with a casual pair of jeans and tee outfit – you are bound to cut a striking figure either way.

ray ban sunglasses

Wayfarers – Wayfarers are another popular style of sunglasses for women & men that many people believe Ray Ban helped become mainstream. Much like aviators, wayfarers too have a way of looking good on almost everyone and are therefore, an instant classic. The difference between the two lies in the shape of their frames. While aviator Ray Ban sunglasses have almost circular-shaped frames, the frames in wayfarers are slightly squared.

Clubmaster – These pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses for women & men are characterized by their exaggerated, dramatic ridges. Clubmaster sunglasses from Ray Ban are also fairly easy to style and this is one of the major reasons for their popularity. Add a pair or two of these sunglasses to your accessory collection and you will not have to worry about having a bad outfit day ever again – that’s just how dressy they are.

Justin – This collection features men’s sunglasses that have a sense of playfulness and youthfulness to them. Splattered with popping colors and oozing coolness, Justin sunglasses from Ray Ban will ensure you look your most stylish self as you casually drive around town or sit on the sidelines watching your team play a game.

Erika – Stylish sunglasses featuring dramatic frames in the freshest of colors make Ray Ban Erika sunglasses a must-have. Infused with a retro-feel, this collection of Ray Ban sunglasses is perfect for weekend festivals, beach vacations, and casual strolls in the park.

Rare prints – Ray Ban sunglasses under this collection are mostly wayfarers with temples featuring quirky prints and colors.

The brand also offers over sized sunglasses and wrap-around sunglasses that are perfect for days you are required to be outdoors for long hours. From playful sunglasses for women & men with mirrored lenses to polarized lens sunglasses that allow you to comfortably read when outdoors, Ray Ban is a brand you can most definitely bank on if you want to update your look. And the best way to do so is to buy Ray Ban sunglasses for women & men online shopping.


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