Choosing A Handbag To Suit Your Personality

No matter how much you spend on your handbag, it is not going to look good on you if it is not made for your style and body type. Choosing a good bag requires a lot of thought and there are some things that you need to consider. The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you go out to get yourself a handbag.


What Size?

Avoid carrying a small bag if you are on the heavier side. A small bag can make you look heavy and it is advisable that you avoid them. Stick to large sized bags that balance your curves and let you walk in style. Boxy handbags can also make you look very stylish if you are on the heavier side. On the other hand, if you have a petite frame, you need to avoid bags that are large. These bags can overwhelm your frame and make you look small. Handbags with shoulder straps are the best for you. Short and slouch bags are the best of you are thin and tall. However, you need to ensure that the straps of your handbag are not short as they can make you look taller. Choose a wide bag for the best results. No matter what your frame is, always ensure that you have a black and a brown bag in your collection. These shades never go wrong and suit anyone irrespective of what frame you have.


What Shape?

Handbags come in different shapes. Choose a shape that suits your body in order to look stylish when you carry it outside. The shape of the handbag that you choose plays an important role in enhancing your style and looks. So, choose a rounded sling bag if you are thin and tall and a tall and rectangular bag if you are on the shorter side. Tall, rectangular bags make you look taller than you are.


What Color?

Black, brown and white sling bags are very convenient to have as they can match most of your clothes. However, you can also have fun experimenting with other bright colors. A red handbags for women is very stylish and a must have in your collection. A colorful bag with many dominant colors can make you stand out while you team it with any bright outfit.


Some Things You Need To Consider

The color, size and style may be great and complement your figure and complexion well, but do not jump to buy a bag unless you have examined it for certain important features.

1.Stitches- Have a look at the entire bag and ensure that the stitches are strong and consistent. You wouldn’t want to spend on a bag that you are going to use only for the next six months.

  1. Zips- The zips are one of the most important parts of your bag without which the contents inside would no longer be safe. Ensure that the bag you decide to buy has strong zips that will not wear out with time.
  2. Compartments-The main function of a bag is to carry the things you need while you go outdoors. Bags with compartments that are not spacious are not going to be of much use. Ensure that the compartments in the bag you see are spacious enough to hold all the belongings you need.


Buy Handbags Online

While Hidesign has a range of stylish shoulder bags, Superdry has some stylish sling bags online that you can have a look at. Kanvas Katha has some amazing tote bags and Fashion Knockout has some stylish hobos. You can also have a look at the range of stylish handbags online shopping from Butterflies and Fostelo.


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