American Tourister suitcases – Travel companions you will surely love

You love clothes and spare no detail when it comes to dressing yourself. You look at every event as an opportunity to put on a fancy show of some sort. You may be decked to the nines or be dressed in a basic jeans- and tee-outfit, either way, you make sure that you look and feel good before walking out of the house every morning. When you embrace every day as though it were fashion week, why should you not be just as stylish when you travel? Embrace American Tourister suitcases! With these babies behind you, you can be sure about arriving at your next destination in style.


Sol Koffler, the man behind this power brand entered the luggage bags business with a simple mission – to offer travellers tough and reliable suitcases at affordable prices. He managed to turn his dreams into reality, and several decades later, we as customers are reaping the benefits of this great man’s humble dreams. In 1945, the brand made history by coming up with travel suitcases that were lighter and offered a lot more storage space than most other travel cases. The rest, as they say, is history. The American Tourister we know today is the result of decades of perseverance driven by one man’s wish to let travellers all over the world make the most of their trips.

american tourister suitcases

What makes American Tourister suitcases so special?


You have more than a couple of American Tourister suitcases to choose from when it comes to color, style, build, and specifications. As sturdy as American Tourister suitcases are, it has been seen to that they are lightweight and that they do not cause any sort of discomfort for the person carrying them. Open these suitcases and you will be treated to well-organized compartments and meshed pockets that have been integrated to help make packing easier and neater. With your toiletries securely tucked away in one compartment and your clothes neatly folded in another, having to deal with clothes that have been soiled with spilled lotion or shampoo is not a problem you will have to put up with.


You can also shop for American Tourister suitcases based on their surface type – hard or soft. Suitcases with a soft cover are crafted from polyester which is a tough and highly durable material. Available in varying sizes, these travel cases also come equipped with top and side handles that allow you to easily maneuver them. To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, American Tourister suitcases with soft covers also feature extra padding at the bottom so they do not burst at the seams in case you overpack them.


Hard surface American Tourister suitcases are made of two materials – lightweight polypropylene and lightweight polycarbonate shells. From medium-sized cabin luggage bags suitcases to large-sized check-in ones, these suitcases are the staple of smart travellers.


To make your life even more convenient, the brand offers its goods on many online shopping sites. Buy American Tourister suitcases online shopping and you can shop luggage bags from anywhere you are.


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