Clutches – Always A Good Accessory For All Your Party And Festive Wear

It’s just another lazy Saturday evening. You sit at home snacking on your favourite comfort food while binge watching your favourite TV show, when your friend calls you all excited, inviting you for a fun night out. After a few minutes of hesitation, you decide that you could most probably use a few drinks. A few more minutes of intense discussions about which hip bar or hangout place to hit, the travel arrangements, and how many people to bring along, you hang up the phone feeling all giddy with excitement.


The fluttering butterflies in your stomach then make way for more nervous emotions. You raid your closet and try on every outfit you can lay your hands on. After making a mess of your room, you decide to play it safe with a pretty little dress that is cut in the all the right places, so as to show just enough skin. Then comes accessorising. Throwing on a few rings and bracelets might help your cause but you know what the best accessory for party wear is? Clutches!


It’s all in the name. Clutches are bags that are meant to be clutched or held in one’s hands. Though these bags are generally strapless, these days, you can also get your hands on clutches with straps. Regardless of whether these bags come with straps or not, one common thing about clutch bags is that they are are all designed to be just large enough to comfortably be tucked away under one’s arms.


When it comes to storage space or the number of pockets, your options are limited. Considering that these bags are designed to be party and evening wear bags, they are just spacious enough to securely hold essentials like your credit/debit cards, smartphone, and some other knick-knacks. Most clutch bags these days also come with a small pocket in their interior where you can store your cash.


Let your bag do the talking


Neutral-colored clutches or minimally designed ones are extremely versatile and will pair well with almost any outfit. Clutch bags in popping colors or ones with elaborate stonework or embroidery detail look especially good when paired with sober-looking outfits.


Take a good look around you. What do you see? Every party you attend, you are bound to see people putting on their best face and pulling out all stops to get their pose right, all in an attempt to get enviable pictures. If you are awkward by nature and always find yourself wondering what you should do with your hands while your picture is being taken, you will most definitely love clutches. With these babies tucked away under your arm, you can now look your most poised and graceful self in every frame.


When buy clutches, you should also check for specifications like the closure, the shape of the in bags online , the material, and the design detail. A simple, hassle-free way to indulge in some good ol’ retail therapy is to buy clutch bags online. From Alibao, A to Z Creations, and AB Fashion to Anouk, Balaji Creations, and Berries, online shopping has it all.



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