Invest in a Vest

Anyone who has worn a three-piece suit to a formal party or to the office, will know what a vest is. For those of you who don’t know, a vest or a waistcoat, is a sleeveless garment worn on the chest. Usually featuring solid colours or simple patterns that matches those that are commonly found on suits, the vest is a fashion wear that can get you that much-needed extra style mileage for a party or a semi-formal occasion. Now, if you are planning to invest in a vest, then do it the way most modern men do – by shopping for vests online. Before we discuss why buying a vest online is the better option than going to a retailer, let’s take a look at how this piece of clothing can give you a whole new look.


Give your suit jacket or blazer a day off

The vest is the perfect piece of clothing that allows you to achieve that dressy, but not too serious, and ‘still better looking than most of your colleagues in the room’ look for that upcoming office or social gathering.


  • Leave your jacket hanging in the closet and don a well-fitting vest with equally well-fitting shirt and pants. If you are looking for an even more relaxed look, then opt for casual button down shirts like an Oxford or a Chambray. You can also pair your ensemble with a more laid-back tie like a knit or cotton tie.
  • Now, if you are planning to wear jeans with your ensemble, then go for a dark wash. Make sure that the pair has no fancy shades, rips or bagginess. Opt for slim fit, just like your vest. When you wear that right pair of jeans, you can get a smart casual look.


Picking the right vest

Now, a well-fitted vest is one that is long enough in front to cover your waist, with no signs of shirt showing between the belt and vest. The shoulder of the vest you pick should lie flat against your body and below the collar points. Oh and do remember that whether you are wearing it with jeans or trousers, the bottom button should be left undone. Always.


Keep it personal

Whether you are a low-maintenance dude or an extravagant playboy, remember to keep the style personal. Showcase your taste and preferences. It is important that you accessorize accordingly. If you feel matchy-matchy is monotonous, feel free to experiment with different colours and textures.


Why online shopping?

Wouldn’t you love to sit in the comfort of your home, browse and compare through the various options and finally have the product of your choice delivered right to your doorstep? Well, Buy Vests online shopping offers you that and everything more. With safe and secure payment options, and easy return and replacement policies, you can enjoy an easy, smooth and hassle-free clothing online shopping  experience.


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